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Why Choose Jim Brown Rentals?

  • You will be treated as a person and with respect
  • Your tenancy agreement is in plain English and is clearly set out
  • Repairs and maintenance will be dealt with promptly
  • If a problem arises we will try and sort it with you before it goes to Tenancy Services

Frequently Asked Questions by Tenants


How do I make a rent payment – what frequency?

We encourage you to pay your rent on payday by automatic payment to our trust account.

What is the procedure for repairs and maintenance?

You will inform us of the problem, we will action a work order. If urgent the tradesman will be there that day. Allow 48 hours for normal maintenance issues.

How often do you do inspections?

We inspect every three to four months. We will write to you with a date and time. You are welcome to be present. If you are unable to be there please let us know and we will bring our own key.

What happens if I get into rent arrears?

I hope this doesn’t happen but we know it is a fact of life. You will be aware this is going to happen and should inform us so a repayment plan is put in place immediately. Uninformed rent arrears will be treated seriously – a ten day letter will be issued followed by an application to Tenancy Services.

How much bond do you take?

We take three weeks rent as bond. Your money is sent to the Bond Centre in Porirua and you will receive a letter saying they have received it.

Rights and Obligations

Information sourced from the website of the Department of Building and Housing (www.dbh.govt.co.nz)

What does the law say about your rights and obligations as a tenant or landlord? Both tenant and landlord have certain rights and obligations when they enter into a tenancy agreement. Some of the main ones are listed below

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